Smashdab Up!

The Band for Corporate Events

Live Music

Evey great event, every company celebration, Christmas party, vernissage or jubilee deserves a highlight: Live Music.

After all you want your clients, colleagues and guests to remember an unforgettable experience.

Professional live music also underlines your style and message to your clients in the entertainment schedule accompanying lectures and product presentations.

Good Sense

A high-quality live band not only serves to loosen up the atmosphere, but also sets a sign of your intuition for your customers and guests. After all, it is all about the exclusive demonstration of your idea, product or message.

The event band Smashdab Up! brings you exactly this quality, power and the right mood.

The perfect band for your event should sing and play at the highest level, bring joy and so convince your guests culturally, too.


Musical perfection, a modern sound and a recognisable, contemporary smash hit repertoire ensure a good mood and party experience. If you like your guests to dance, it is precisely these aspects that fill the dance floor in no time.

Smashdab Up! has the power, niveau and cultural sensitivity, because the members all are graduates of the best music academies in the world.


Smashdab Up! provides unrivalled current sounds. These sounds are achieved by specially developed electronics from the DJ world, we call them the DJ-Tools.
These Tools are an exclusive new development for Smashdab Up!.
The current Songs from the radio and the Internet are performed in their original sound, instantly recognisable
to your guests.

Experience has shown that the dance floor is filled in no time.