Smashdab Up!
The Band for Weddings

Your wedding is the most important day of your life!

The most important

You marry the greatest person in your life and you want to celebrate this magic moment with style, grace, fun and class.

For the guests of your wedding party you wish to demonstrate and celebrate your love in unforgettable, harmonious, emotional but also exuberant and crazy moments.

Everything must
be right

The location, the restaurant and the ballroom need to be carefully selected.

The menu, the buffet and the snacks in between are another point, as well as the choice of drinks. Wines, beers and liquors are just as important as non-alcoholic beverages for the children, seniors and teetotalers invited.

A good catering service or a well-managed restaurant will gladly walk you through every step.

A florist must be consulted to produce the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, and the floral decoration of your a beauty you desire and imagine.

Then, of course, the seating arrangements for the invited guests must be planned.

A photographer is also a must, of course the most important day of your life needs to be documented!

An excellent pastry cook will create your wedding cake & additional pastries.

Of course, an excellent hairdresser is not to be missed either. Perfect hair styles put the bride and groom in the best light for the big day.

You probably also want your guests to be able to stay overnight at or near the party. Good hotel rooms for the dear ones always remains a fond memory.

DJ and

In addition to the live music of a great band, we recommend booking a DJ.

Providing variation and a continuation of the party after the live act and during the breaks.
We will be happy to find the right DJ for you. Please ask us.

We are also happy to help you with the selection of the sound system, the so-called PA, which allows the band, the DJ and the guests’ speeches to be heard in a clear, powerful but not too loud sound quality.
 Smashdab Up! provides you with the right PA to fill your party with rich, unobtrusive basses and a transparent sound.

It is important to achieve a relatively quiet sound with enough warmth. A good sound does not have to be produced through too high volumes. This is an often misunderstood aspect, which is all too often underestimated by event companies as well as the planners of a party.

It doesn’t have to be loud, but it has to sound best!

Choice of

In order to make the wedding truly unforgettable, the careful selection of the right music is of utmost importance.

The professional wedding band Smashdab Up! has decades of stage experience at weddings and celebrations of all kinds.

We would be happy to advise you on special music for the bridal waltz, or similar special requests that enrich the celebration.

Of course, a wedding band should play and sing at the highest level, deliver the original sounds of the smash hits from the current billboard charts and show great joy of playing to entice your guests to the dance floor.

Smashdab Up! exclusivity delivers a powerful and joyful performance with a highly professional sound, achieved by unique electronics from the DJ world, our so-called DJ-Tools.

Designed exclusively for Smashdab Up!, these tools deliver an unprecedented sound experience.

Provide your guests with an unforgettable experience!